Referral Program

We have an affiliate / referral program in place that is eligible for ANYONE and EVERYONE. Our affiliate program allows you to tell your friends, family, coworkers, uncles, cousins… about our service and make money monthly if they sign up.

All you have to do is refer people to our website and make sure that they list you on their request for information form as their source of referral. If you would prefer, you can ask us to email them. Either way that person will then be entered in to our system as a referral from you. If that person decides to sign up for our service, you then receive 10% of their monthly fee per month (from the second month of service and onward) for the life of their service with us.

This can be quite a nice piece of pie, especially for those who know a bunch of other territory based sales reps. For example, lets say you work in a sales office with 40 other reps. Pass the word around to those reps and receive 10% on each person’s account as long as they use the service. Another good example would be a recruiter who would pass the word along to the people in their resume pool, and so on and so forth.

You can email us at:

contact @

Interview with Heidi Sloss, Bestselling Author of Fortune is in the Follow-Up

I recently had the pleasure of beginning a working friendship with a sales industry thought leader named Heidi BK Sloss. Heidi lives in the Silicon Valley area of California and as the title refers to, she is a bestselling author of the book Fortune is in the Follow-Up®. She is a leading speaker and consultant to CEO’s, sales agents and other service professionals and helps them attract clients, establish industry expertise (personal branding, like we talk about so much here) and create profit by teaching them how to build relationships with their prospects and clients. Her clients report exceptional results and Heidi’s passion and knowledge is infectious as you can tell by watching some of the videos of her speaking events on her site and on Youtube.

The conversations I have had with Heidi have all left me walking away feeling like I had a new gold nugget to share, so I thought I would sit down with her and dig up some responses that I could share with my readers here on Sales Rep Marketing’s blog. Enjoy!

Ryan:  Many thought leaders have a niche that they feel lead them to success. Your message traditionally has been focused around relationship building and follow up, were there any key occurrences or stand out moments in your past business successes that lead you to focus yourself around these topics?

Heidi: Every time I follow my own advice, I always end up seeing the benefits. A great example is from a few years ago was when I had been hired by a staging company to give a keynote to several groups of real estate agents. The responses to the presentations were enthusiastic right afterwards. But then nothing: my phone did not ring and I was somewhat surprised given the nature of peoples’ positive reactions.

You see, most of the time, after a well-received presentation, I will hear from audience members, asking me to present at their next conference or company meeting or event. At the end of this event, many people had pressed their cards into my hand at the end of my talk but no one contacted me. So after a few weeks, I pulled out the cards and picked up the phone.

The first call I made was the one call that made the difference. That agent couldn’t stop raving about my presentation and she asked if I offered a sales program for agents that she and her colleagues could take. Of course I said yes and within 1 months time, she had a group from her office signed up. Word spread to other offices and within 6 months times I had several program going in various offices.

That one follow-up phone call, led to a $10,000 program.

Ryan: How often when you are on the road speaking and consulting for new clients do you end up learning something new that you can add to your message and can you give me a recent example?

Heidi: I am always learning something new. For every presentation I give, I always conduct research on the current events for that industry. Last year I gave a presentation to a conference of travel agents in Las Vegas and am getting ready to go back to the same audience again this year. In the course of my research on them I learned about a New York Time article about 6 very successful travel agents who had been growing their businesses, even when the economy was tanking. I now use this example of why these 6 travel agents made money, even though time were tough and that particular industry has been hit hard by the do-it-yourself mentality. Incidentally, what made these 6 agents successful was their single focus on a specific target market niche.

Ryan: Do you feel as though sales training these days often gets away from the true power of follow up and relationship building or do sales people often times get away from this on their own over time?

Heidi: I can’t speak to sales trainings in general, but I do know the basics always work. Even with new tools and techniques that take into the digital world in which we live, people want and crave connection. Sales people who can build relationships and make connections will always make money. Follow-up is key. Just meeting someone once and then expecting them to call with a huge contract or order is unrealistic.

Ryan: What is one key element to a follow up strategy that you feel is absolutely essential, 100% of the time that you can share with our readers?

Heidi: Pick up the phone! If you want to make an impact, pick up the phone. Every time I share this with audiences I get most heads nodding. Most people get it. People do business with those we know, like and trust. Picking up the phone is the way to build relationships and make connections. Those who disagree with me, always focus on how they don’t want to bother their prospects–they worry that their prospects fine their phone calls an interruption. But they are missing the point. Of course just calling to shoot the breeze will be seen as a disruption, but bringing value to the relationship will be welcomed.

Ryan: With all the substantial emergence of online and social media selling, do you feel that any one particular social media platform is more important than the others for successful follow up strategy?

Heidi: My perspective on using social media platforms to market and sell is that it all depends on which platform your target market uses. Sales people have to go to where their prospects are. Choosing a platform based on the sales person’s preference is missing the point and missing the prospect, which means missing the sale.

Ryan: Do you feel as though there will be any significant challenges to a strong follow up strategy that will emerge because of the spread of social selling?

Heidi: In the busy, loud world, those who can figure out a way to stand out and build relationships will succeed. Being able to differentiate one’s self is key. For most people this means doing the daily and weekly and monthly and quarterly follow-up. There are not short cuts to building relationships. It takes an investment of time, but it pays dividends in contracts and orders.

Ryan: Many consultants do what they do because they love having a substantial impact on their clients’ success. Can you give us an example of some recent feedback from a client that really stands out to you?

Heidi: I gave a presentation recently to a group of insurance agents at a retreat in Napa county. They asked me for my signature presentation, Blast Past the Competition, which goes through the five power strategies I wrote about in my book, Fortune is in the Follow-Up®. The response was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, while still at the retreat, I got booked to give the same presentation at another upcoming retreat. A few weeks after the original presentation, I connected with the organizers and they told me that all of the agents in attendance had hit their goals for the year and made top producer. The organizers credits my presentation–both for its content and my motivational style–for helping make the difference for these agents to reach their goals. I can’t tell you how fantastic that made me feel!

Ryan: What are some upcoming speaking engagements in 2013 that you are really excited about?

Heidi: I am going to Las Vegas at the end of April to present my keynote, Fortune is in the Follow-Up® to the travel agent industry again. This presentation is based on chapter 3 of my book and goes into the details of how to put together a follow-up strategy that will make the difference between knowing someone and actually doing business with them. They are a great audience and I am looking forward to being able to connect with them again. My agent is working on some wonderful conferences for me right now both in the states and in Australia that I am also excited about.

The Fundamentals of Online Personal Branding

If you are looking to elevate your personal stature either for business, professional advancement or another initiative that is near and dear to your heart then you must commit to online personal branding. Whichever the motive, transforming yourself from an incognito individual to someone with a substantial fan base takes preparation, dedication, an eye for detail, and an ear for professional advice – not to mention a mishmash of other qualities necessary to create, maintain and polish a personal brand. Knowing the fundamentals of online personal branding can help you establish that stellar stature you have always wanted, gain you an edge over any competitors and can open opportunities at a scale and level that you have never experienced. People with mature, well established online personal brands get approached on a much more frequent basis by people within their profession who can pose excellent opportunities. Having this type of presence online means that you get to choose which partnerships or opportunities to pursue, which opportunities will be the most fruitful and will lead to the greatest personal / professional outcome for you.

You start by defining a strategic plan, followed by a personal positioning plan. Then, create a website or blog, and leverage the power of the Internet, especially social media networks. Finally, try to interact with people with whom you share a vision, passion or professional affinity.

Define a Strategic Plan for Your Brand
To be effective, your online personal brand should rest on a solid, methodical outline. Communication specialists often observe that people with a large presence on the Internet – a long and influential list – often benefit from an initially well-rounded branding blueprint. To jump-start your online brand, define a plan that is in sync with your overall goal. A strategic plan is a set of actions to reach a broader goal. For example, your strategic plan may be to position yourself as a premier specialist of, say, high-end luxury yachts or an expert in international politics whose polished brand and sharp prose one day would invite the appreciative interest of big-name media companies like CNN, NBC, ABC and FOX. Make sure your strategic outline aligns with your resources, education, professional background and family situation. Make your plan S.M.A.R.T, as strategists often say. S.M.A.R.T is shorthand for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bounded. The last thing you want is to define an online branding road map that is not compatible with your personal situation, or that is not relevant to your ultimate motives. This plan will help you to define smaller goals along the way (ie. who to seek out at conferences, who to set up lunches with, etc.).

Formulate Personal Positioning
After laying out a clear personal branding blueprint, define the way you want to position yourself – and your brand. Try to combine personal grandeur with a five-star strategic plan, but don’t give in to self-aggrandizement by thinking you’re so good, your personal brand should be high up there in the annals of celebrity-mania. In Internet marketing, positioning refers to all tools, procedures and processes an organization or person uses to create an image or identity in the minds of customers, fans or followers – in short, the brand market. When forging your online positioning tactics, make sure it is in line with your 4-P plan. 4-P, marketing shorthand for product, price, promotion and place, enables a company to define the hodgepodge of programs it will use to clinch a competitive leadership position. In the context of an online personal brand, the “product” is you – the person trying to establish an embellished public character. The “price” is the value the market ultimately attributes to your brand. “Promotion” pertains to advertising solutions / methods you use to make your brand known, while “place” refers to websites you would like to advertise on or link your content to.

Create a Website or Blog
Celebrities who are awash in money often shower ghostwriters with bonuses and other monetary incentives, to make sure they continually feed their official blogs attention-grabbing stories that keep the fans wanting for more. You can also adopt the same tactic if you have deep pockets. But if you cannot afford a team of prolific wordsmiths, create a self-fed blog or personal website. Choose a tone, a voice and topics that are appealing to your readership / peers and make sure to be consistent over time. With a consistent approach to adding insightful posts to your blog new visitors will find their way there regularly. Pay attention to your blog’s editorial proclivity and select subjects that are compatible with your strategic plan and positioning. Topic selection is also salient. Favor subjects that are relevant to readers – and, add in some borderline controversial or news breaking posts – to generate buzz and increase the number of comments and back links your prose ultimately would enjoy. A consistent approach to your blog will put new, industry related eyes on you, on a daily basis. Free, organic, industry-related web traffic on a daily basis, that consistently grows. The opportunities that we mentioned in the opening paragraph come in to play significantly here, from this blog traffic. By leaving a means of contact on your blog, people and opportunities will present themselves, from co-marketing, guest blogging, sales opportunities, consulting etc. Organic traffic to your personal professional blog brings opportunities to you, consistently. This is a major advantage.

Use the Social-Media Bounty
Social networks don’t just benefit the well-off or famous. Corporate executives, celebrities, sophisticated investors and other figures familiar to the elite-focused news media have a similar playing field with which to work as the average professional in his or her field. Portals like LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus can greatly enhance your online brand if you astutely use them. Create a profile that is in accord with your strategic vision, make sure each profile is thorough and full of content about you. Twitter is arguably the most important tool in online branding. In the past few years, it has shot to social and online stardom so quickly, various individuals are using it, ranging from politicians to business people to entertainers to leaders of charities to prominent voices in academia and the arts. Create a Twitter account and dispense as much wisdom and insight as you can, doing so regularly – even better, more regularly than your competition. Consistent news and insight sharing will build your brand fast, your Tweet history is something you then can share with readers of your blog. In your Twitter account profile you can promote your LinkedIn account. As you grow industry followers, you will be able to grow your LinkedIn connections as well. EVERY person you meet, interact with and encounter in your professional life should be added on both social sites if possible.

Steady growth to your social media accounts is an amazingly powerful tool and will help you uncover even more opportunities down the road in your career. Consulting, speaking, partnerships of greater magnitude etc. A mature social media presence with a strong following has now become a sign of seniority, popularity and industry strength. Your online personal brand relies on growth in this area.

Schmooze with Like-Minded Folks Online – And in Real Life
Individuals and companies engaging in online brand building typically vie for the attention of readers, fans, friends, peers and the general public. Be specific when forging your online brand, targeting only your specific reader segment, unless your communication blueprint is broad and has a demographic scope that spans the entire country or world. Try to meet people, online and offline, who share the same analytical bent, campaign, cause or strategic motive. For example, if you are a low-key politician working to clinch a higher government office in the future, say, in three or five years, try to network with your party’s donors and political operatives as often as tactically possible. Target specific people online and offline, seek people out at conferences, connect with those people online. Scour the people that you meet for potential online branding opportunities now that may pay off in the future. Examples of this include guest blogging appearances, co-sponsored webinars (which you can promote if you have a strong social following, if you don’t, you can’t) and co-sponsored white papers.

Ultimately, online personal brand building takes time, a clear plan of action and a lot of effort. For professionals (of any field) who are interested in building their online personal brand, but do not have the time, we offer our Online Personal Branding Package.

Social Media Selling, Online Personal Branding and Online Lead Generation for Salespeople

About Sales Rep Marketing

As a territory based sales representative, your job is to establish new business by breaking in to new accounts and selling your product or service to them. Search marketing, social media and visual advertising are extremely powerful and efficient tools that can help sell anything on any geographic level and to any demographic. Social selling, online marketing and online personal branding tools for sales professionals are becoming more widely publicized, but they require constant attention and consistent use. NOT ANYMORE! Our service takes this out of your hands, we handle all the marketing for you. All you do is keep your focus on your already packed day to day sales activities. We offer three distinct packages:
Online Personal Branding
Aggressive Personal Marketing
Enterprise Solutions

Social Selling – Social media selling is what every sales evangelist is talking about these days, and for good reason. The people leading the charge spreading the word in social selling are doing so because sales professionals are having exceptional success when they commit to it. Our service grows your ability to succeed in social selling.

Online Personal Branding – By acting like a smart, insightful industry-leading professional online you will make more relationships and open many more doors. Our service builds your personal professional brand online.

Online Marketing and Lead Generation – Imagine being able to generate your own leads through organic, industry related web traffic. Our service will build you a site that does this as well.

Explode Sales Within Your Territory – Use the Power of Online and Social Media Marketing

Our company uses the power of internet marketing on a micro level to help territory based sales people break in to new accounts within his or her specified geographic region. We can put a message, name, company name, service, product etc. in the face of targeted prospects and their gate keepers over and over again, in a professional and resourceful manner.  We do this until the prospect becomes familiar and comfortable with the sales professional’s product or service. The consistent professional presence will make a salesperson a familiar and credible figure to their prospects and targets, thus making it much easier to penetrate those accounts.

For an extremely affordable set monthly fee, we handle it all.

“If you brand yourself people will know you. ” Jeffrey Gitomer @gitomer via Twitter

About Our Clients

Our clients come from a variety of fields. The most common include: IT / Technology Integrators, Medical Device Sales, Pharmaceutical Sales, Manufacturing Sales, Financial Advisors, IT Training and more.

Enterprise Solutions

Grow Your Sales Team’s Social Selling Capability and Ability to Market Themselves Online

Preaching social selling to your sales team is almost entirely useless unless they have a growing base of followers and consistent activity. If you are a Sales Manager, Sales Executive or Sales Director and you have a sales staff or sales team that you would like to have become more powerful online and in social media, we now offer an enterprise solution. Our Enterprise Solution is designed for two or more sales professionals.

In our Enterprise Solutions package you have the ability to set up as many sales reps as you would like and watch their social media marketing power, online marketing power and online personal branding become a major strength. While we grow their accounts, we along social marketing and online marketing best practices to you, which you can also share with your group to help train them on how to best use their new online marketing and social selling capabilities. As turnover occurs you have the ability to quickly and easily request the start up and cancellation of accounts. We also prepare monthly reports which provide you with growth numbers to share with management, corporate etc.

AKO Army Enterprise Email package includes the following services per sales rep:

  • An active personal professional blog which will remain active, grow and eventually bring potential customers / leads to them via organic search traffic and other referral sources.
  • A Twitter account with consistent activity and a growing targeted following.
  • A LinkedIn account that is promoted by the other online presences and grows consistently.
  • Optional – Targeted, geographically placed online advertisements that drive traffic and leads directly in the sales rep’s territory. These ads can be placed in very specific locations and to targeted people.

Pricing for the Enterprise Solutions package is custom based on the rough amount of accounts needed. Please fill out the form on the right hand side to inquire.

Aggressive Marketing Packages

Dominate your Competitors with Aggressive Marketing in Your Territory!

Below are the options of packages that we offer to territory based sales reps who would like to utilize the powers of internet marketing, organic search marketing, online advertising, social media marketing, aggressive thought leadership growth to create an online lead generation platform for themselves. Bring prospects to you with our aggressive personal marketing service.

Standard Marketing

$200 per month

Monthly Maintained Website Standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
1 Blog Post Syndicated socially
Standard Social Media Push
Standard Volume of Visual Ads

Expanded Marketing

$300 per month

Monthly Maintained Website Standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
1 Blog Post Syndicated socially
Expanded Social Media Push
Expanded Volume of Visual Ads

Maximum Marketing

$400 per month

Monthly Maintained Website Standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
2 Blog Posts Syndicated socially
Maximum Social Media Push
Maximum Volume of Visual Ads

Personal Branding Package

Online Personal Branding Package – Grow a Social Following, Social Selling Ability and Build Your Industry Thought Leadership

For any professional in any industry (you don’t have to be a salesperson for this package) looking for a program to build a social following and to begin the foundation of establishing thought leadership and a personal professional online brand, this is the package. This online branding package is our most cost effective option and will push you well beyond your competitors and send you fast on your way to thought leadership. You will become an active insightful blogger and you will aggressively grow a social following that you will be able to move your message to. Here is what our online personal branding package includes:

1)      Build, manage and keep active a personal professional blog which will post about industry related topics on a regular basis. You will also share your postings with your social following. This blog will grow to be able to organically attract industry related web traffic including search engine traffic from potential new customers.

2)      Build and keep active a personal professional Twitter account which will grow aggressively.

3)      Establish / grow your LinkedIn presence.

4)      Establish / grow and keep active a Google Plus presence.

5)      Build the strength of your social profiles by increasing exposure of your personal brand on various websites throughout the web. These placements will grow the strength of all of your personal professional social media profiles and your website by increasing traffic, building backlinks and increasing your following.

Online Personal Branding Package Pricing

$95 per month